zondag 21 juli 2013

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

How amazing is my title?

Yes, I know I promised you that my next post was going to be one that included my face, but it turns out that my dad still has my memory card from when I had to write my last post in a Starbucks in Barcelona. I asked some of the people on my tumblr a few days before what were some things that they wanted me to answer about travelling and this is the one question I got asked most:

Which countries have you visited in your life and what country has made the biggest impression on you (and why)? 

It turns out that my answer is longer than I thought it would be, so I turned it into a separate post. The other questions that you guys on Tumblr asked me, will be answered in my next blog post (I promise!)

I took these photos at the zoo, but let's all pretend it's Africa in lack of any other photos.

Up until I was about ten or eleven years old, I had never been on a plane before, so naturally the countries that I visited before that first flight, were all neighbouring countries or others that were a bit further away but still manageable to get to by car or bus. We go skiing almost every year and eight out of ten times that I went skiing, we went to a town and ski resort called Avoriaz, which is in France, but very close to Switzerland. So close that you can actually travel to another country and back in just an hour by ski (by ski? Is that a thing? Whatever, I just made it one.)

Other than that we used to travel a lot to either the south of France or Italy and I remember those holidays as one of the best I've ever been on. We did nothing the entire time but walk around the village that we stayed at (we usually had a house to ourselves) and went to the local swimming pool or ate lots of pizza and baguettes. I remember a cat that sat outside a restaurant that we went to quite a lot, because they had amazing pizzas. We named her Tiramisu and gave her our leftovers. 

I think when I was fourteen or fifteen we travelled all the way to South-Africa. This definitely was the one vacation that has made the biggest impression on me and was also the first country that I visited that was in another continent. We spent nearly two weeks travelling around the whole country staying in different places and seeing all sorts of amazing things. We went to two elephant parks, one monkey zoo and one safari park. In the monkey zoo there was one named Claudia Schiffer, because she was very beautiful and very hard to find, she usually shied away from visitors. After about ten minutes into the tour, our guide suddenly got a call from one of the other guides that they had seen Claudia sitting in a tree somewhere, so we rushed over there and found her swinging around. We stood there for a few minutes while our guide gave us some information about her species and all of a sudden I saw everyone backing away from the tree. For me it was too late to realise what was going on, but I suddenly felt something wet dripping all over me. Turns out Claudia Schiffer had to pee. Great! 

Two years after our trip to South-Africa, we went to Africa again to visit Morocco. It was a very beautiful country and we stayed in a lovely home that we had all to ourselves. We even had a cook and a maiden, but no hot water. As much as I loved seeing what was going on outside of the house, I spent most days inside. Partially because it was too hot for me and partially because Moroccan people are mostly sellers and they're not afraid of getting your attention. As someone with social anxiety, this wasn't the best place for me to be at that time.

To sum up all the countries I have visited: The Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Spain, South-Africa and Morocco and I will be visiting Germany soon.

If you enjoyed reading this post, let me know in the comment section! What countries have you visited before? Which country do you think I should visit next?

Speak to you soon,

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  1. I think Lize would really like scandinavia! Ik kan in ieder geval zeggen dat Denemarken en Zweden de moeite zijn! ;) En natuurlijk New York, daar zie ik u ook wel rondlopen.

    1. You think Zouk? ;) I think dat ik volgend jaar naar LA ga gaan of naar Australië en ik wil héél graag naar Denemarken en Zweden en Canada en Ierland!

  2. I've been to Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Canada, Australia, France, England, and many cities in the U.S. Honestly, all the countries had a big impact on me, in different ways but it makes me realize that no matter where you are people are all the same. There is no reason to segregate ourselves from each other because we're all the same.

    1. That is so beautifully true! I hope to be able to visit Australia next year, we have some plans to.