dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Barcelona 2013⎪Day 4

Barcelona: Day 4

Good day everyone! I have been going trough much trouble trying to get on the internet to write this blogpost, because yesterday afternoon it decided to give up on me and since then I've been pretty busy. I'm at Starbucks right now and the internet isn't too great either, but I'll manage! It's a day late, but it's the last day of my travels anyway, so it isn't too bad.

 We first went to the Miro museum in the morning. He is Barcelona's most famous modern artist and has a really big museum dedicated to him that showcases all of his works. It's a long way to the top, as you can see from the photo and not even all stairs are showing, but it was definitely a beautiful climb. When we got up there, though, it turned out that the museum is closed on mondays. Bummer! 

We asked a lady who worked at a café on top of the hill if there were any other museums in the neighbourhood that we could visit that were open that day and she told us about the Macba museum of modern art. We decided to visit that one instead, but I first had a drink to cool off. It was a lime slushy with lots of ice in it, so it was perfect for a hot day! 

After we got our break from climbing all those stairs, we took the metro to the Macba museum. We first got a bit lost, because people kept sending us in opposite directions, but it certainly was worth all the effort that we had already been trough. It was such a great museum and somehow I felt at home walking trough all the different art installations. The colour scheme throughout the museum was so beautiful with all its browns, whites and blacks. 

On the picture above you can see one of my favourite art installations in the museum. It was a room filled with these asian looking little guys that were all smiling at you in the same sort of haunting way. I'm sure that if you came across them on the street and you saw them smiling at you like this, you would just think they were friendly and happy to see you, but the dark grey and brown colours gave that smile a completely different meaning. The curtain in the back was painted, but looked so real! 

The last shown photo was taken on the top floor of the museum. There normally would have been three different floors for us to visit, but they were working on the bottom one, unfortunately. I would have loved to be able to wander around there a bit longer! If you ever get to visit Barcelona, I would wholeheartedly recommend you to visit this museum, as it was one of my favourites yet. 

On our way back to the metro station we found a very cute cupcake shop with a lovely woman who kept it open all by herself. They also had delicious milkshakes! I wish I had the recipe, so that I could make them back at home myself. I had trouble deciding which cupcake I wanted, because they all looked so colourful and great. 

In the end I decided on taking the citron cupcake. It had a sort of marshmallow like topping that was a bit caramelised on the side and it tasted as great as it looked. It also had citron stuffing on the inside. I wish I could go grab another one to enjoy on our flight home, but that's quite impossible. 

The cupcakes had really tickled our appetite and we were longing for something larger to eat, because it was already 5pm and I hadn't had anything to eat or drink yet besides the cupcake, the slushy and my small breakfast. As you may remember from my last post, we were planning on having dinner at the seaside the day before, but we got in some trouble, because my dad's wallet got stolen on the metro. Instead of enjoying a nice meal, we ended up having to go to the police to make sure my dad got a new identity card for our flight back home. 

We sat down at a restaurant overlooking the ocean, but the beach was so crowded that I couldn't take a nice picture. I would have loved to go there for dinner instead with a nice sea breeze, but this was nice as well. I had a virgin cocktail with lots of different fruit juices and it was very, very nice.

Now I'm off to the airport after running around the whole morning trying to get a good internet connection. We normally would have a bit more time to go grab some lunch, but we don't know whether or not my dad losing his wallet is going to get us in any more trouble at the airport, so we're leaving in time to be sure. I can't wait to be back home and sleeeeep! I hope you've been enjoying my travelling adventures to Barcelona and sorry that you had to wait for this one a bit longer!

Speak to you soon,

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  1. The pictures are wonderful, dear! *-* But I'm sorry you found the Miro Museum closed and that you dad lost his wallet! Hope your flight back home will be fine! :D xo