dinsdag 9 juli 2013

Outside is the right side ⎟Garden Tour

You may have remembered from my last post that recently I decided that outside is the right side! I have always been one of those gawky kids who was reluctant about going outside on a nice summer's day and rather spend it inside cooling off. As a result I still am the exactly same shade of white today that I was when I was born, apart from a few holidays tans that have faded away a long time ago.

But since I am leaving for Barcelona in just a few days time and I can safely say Spain is one of the hottest countries that I have ever visited before, I felt like it would be a good idea to prepare myself for outside fun times and took my camera outside to photograph my vibrant garden!

As you probably can tell, I'm a very lucky girl and have a big beautiful garden to relax in and discover when the sun decides to come out. You may not be familiar with Belgian weather, but I'm sure you've heard of London weather before and let me tell you, we're stuck in the exact same situation.
Thus, when the sun comes out, it's a true blessing for us and therefore try to enjoy it as much as we can. 

As you can see in the background of the picture, there are lots and lots of big trees. Those belong to my neighbour who owns quite a few sheep and has a huge ground that they can walk around on. I can imagine those trees are decades old, since there are so many of them. I think our whole neighbourhood sees them as a blessing, because they really make our view even more beautiful.

And right at the back of the picture is the forrest.
You can only begin to imagine how lovely the view is from our roof!

Our garden stretches out more to the left as well, as you can tell from this picture. We've been growing  an apple tree and a cherry tree there, but they're only a few years old and look more like the skinny first graders of trees. There's a also a huge amount of plastic on the floor that is supposed to be our pool, but still has to be filled up with water. So, that's why I didn't include a photo of this in my tour.

Towards the right of the picture you can see our lavender starting to grow.

I think this is my favourite part of our garden. These flowers make our garden look a bit more wild and rough and are a home to many kinds of insects in the summer. As long as the snails and bees stay over there and I can just enjoy looking at them, without getting stung or slimy, I'm okay with it. 

Lavender always reminds me of the south of france where there are loads of lavender fields across the roads. I remember those drives as one of the best memories of my childhood. Being a little kid in a different country always made me feel like an explorer, which I why I find travelling to be such an awesome experience.

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful;
they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."

- Luther Burbank

Speak to you soon,

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