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Barcelona 2013⎪Day 2

Barcelona: Day 2

I slept in late today and took my time getting ready and eating breakfast. I always feel like vacation should be about relaxing and getting the extra rest you need, but my mom tends to be very tense and wants to make sure we get everywhere in time, even though there's no possible way we could ever be late, because we don't really have to be anywhere. It's about 30° C out here every day and I got a bit sunburnt during lunch that we had at the harbour, but luckily we have a pool to cool off in when it's way too hot to be walking around in the sun. 

First, we went to a large covered market that was called "St. Josep La Boqueria" as you can see above. They had loads of different foods and drinks and everything was super fresh! I had a strawberry smoothie and also got some candies. Some of the stalls had live crab and stuff and I felt a bit sad seeing them trying to move around whilst lying on their backs. I thought it would be pretty smelly, considering it was so hot outside and their were fish and meet everywhere, but you hardly could smell anything bad at all. It was pretty crowded over there, though.

After this we walked to the Paleu Güell, which is a mansion designed by the Catalan architect Antonia Gaudi for Eusebi Güell. It's now world heritage and open to visitors. There's no furniture anymore, but nevertheless it was a very cool building to be walking around in. Especially the rooftop was great and you had a beautiful view on the neighbourhood! 

They had a lot of these little towers on the roof that you could see from the street. One of them sort of looked like an ice cream cone with multiple coloured ice cream on top! It looked really cute, but unfortunately I don't have a picture of it that looks any good. It was pretty hard to photograph, since there were a lot of people in the way. 

Above you can see one of the rooftops that I had a view on from on top of the Palau Güell. You weren't supposed to get so close to the edge of the roof, but I couldn't resist taking a picture! It looked so great with the graffiti wall and I really wish I had this back at home.

And these are the dungeons where they used to bring in and keep their wine. I can imagine it would now be a great place to throw some underground parties with classy people and drinks flowing, but I assume no one would be allowed to use this space for any kind of festivity at all. If there were ever to be a party, I hope I get invited, though! 

Then we went to the harbour to grab some lunch and visit the aquarium. I remembered from last time I went to Barcelona, a few years ago and just for a day, that this was one of my favourite places in the city. If I lived here, I would probably go to the harbour almost every day!

Whilst my parents sat outside, me and my siblings visited the aquarium. It was not as big as I remembered it to be, but that must be because I was much younger when I last went and thus also a lot smaller. It was still very nice, though! There were loads of sea animals and they even had big sharks and octopuses. My mom gave me some money to buy oreos, but I got her a little present from the gift shop instead. She really liked it and I felt happy. 

I must say the octopus was my favourite, because somehow I felt he looked super posh and he kept waving his tentacles around as if he wanted to sign something. Plus he had a really nice purple-ish colour that looked super lovely and I don't even like the colour purple. He's got some class, that octopus!

And that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading another day of my Barcelona adventures! By the way, did you know yet that you can follow me with blogspot? It will show you everytime I write a new post! Also, leave me a message anytime you like if you want me to have a snoop around on your blog!

Speak to you soon,

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