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Barcelona 2013⎪Day 3

Barcelona: Day 3

Today wasn't too much of an interesting day. We just wandered about and visited a small museum and some other places. Actually, we mostly just sat around and enjoyed a refreshing drink. It seems like every day it's getting hotter and hotter and being from Belgium, I'm experiencing quite some trouble trying to adjust to the heat.

Firstly we went to visit the cathedral of Barcelona. We arrived there around noon and they just finished their first mass of the day, so there were a lot of people going in and out of the church. In, to exit the church after attending the mass and out, to visit the church after the mass ended. There was a lot of people traffic and I found it to be quite hard to take a picture, so I took this one on our way back to our apartment later on the day. Unfortunately it turned out we weren't allowed to go inside, because we were wearing too short shorts and dresses and neither my sister, my mom or I felt like waiting around for my brother and dad to be able to visit the church, so we just sat on the stairs for a while instead.

This is the view we had from the stairs. Underneath those two parasols that you can see were people playing music. It was very uplifting folk music and there was a big circle of people dancing with their arms waving in the air. It was quite entertaining to see. After this we went on our way to visit a small museum that wasn't too far away, so that we didn't have to walk for too long in the sun. 

When we arrived at the museum about the history of Barcelona, it turned out that it was free after 3pm. It was only about 1pm and there wasn't much to do in the neighbourhood, so we went ahead and payed for our visit instead. It didn't cost too much anyway and inside the museum it was much cooler. Thank you Barcelona for having air-conditioning basically everywhere!

These are ruins from the mansion that was built underneath the museum thousands of years ago.

It was really dark inside and I wasn't allowed to use flash, but I took these pictures and thought they looked alright and clear enough to use! That's my brother and sister that you can see there. Or at least their backs. When I get back home I'll write a "get to know me" post, so that you can find out more about what I do in everyday life and also get to see my face. Dun dun duuun, so exciting! 

When our trip around the museum ended we were all really hungry. My mom and dad wanted to go get Japanese food, but neither my siblings or I felt like sitting at a restaurant for two hours or waiting for your food to get prepared that you didn't really feel too much like eating anyway. So, when my parents went out to get sushi, we went to Starbucks and had some sandwiches, muffins and a smoothie.

 It being so hot all the time and not being able to sleep as long as you want in the morning, really makes you get sleepy easily. We figured we could visit another museum when we met up after we both had our lunch, but it turned out that because it was sunday, it had closed early. None of us could think of anything else interesting to do that was in the neighbourhood, so we went back to our apartment instead and relaxed a bit at the pool. I read some chapters in The Hobbit, because I want to finish it before I go back home. 

It's about 8pm now and we're preparing ourselves to go out and have dinner at the seaside. I was thinking about waiting to put up this blogpost until after we got back and include some more pictures of the ocean, but then I thought it probably would get late and I wouldn't want to keep myself awake for too long to avoid being tired in the morning. I promise I will include them in tomorrow's post! 

Speak to you soon,

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