donderdag 24 juli 2014

Kasteel van Horst: Second Attempt

You may remember I was at the castle already a few weeks ago. 
I couldn't get inside then, but I could get inside now and this is what it looked like.

There was a nice man who was sitting on that chair when we arrived, who told us how to go around the castle. That red door to the left, was not the main entrance, but the way to the kitchen (for me that would be the main entrance, but you know). 

There were nice ceilings.
There were narrow stairs.

Since the building was still being renovated, a lot of the rooms were looking more rough than they normally do. There were quite a few constructions going on, which took away from the magic of the castle. I remember the cellars used to also be open to the public, but those were now closed. Since not every room was accessible, we got some reduction.

These pillows were laying on the floor in the grand hall and they had cute knights and dragons on them. I assume they are being used by kids on their school trips who gather around to listen to their guide telling beautiful stories about the people who used to live there.

Some of the windows had great views on the grounds surrounding the castle. 
If you want to read about those and view some photos, you can have a look at my previous post.

What's a place that has a lot of stories to it where you live?

Speak to you soon,

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