woensdag 2 juli 2014


In a few weeks time I am leaving for a trip to Scotland with my sister. We will be hiking along the Westland Highway trail and were in some need of practice to prepare for the trip. So, we decided to get in the car, drive an hour north and explore our Belgian hills and mountains: The Ardennes.

This is us with our backpacks and hats (I am the taller one who looks like she's about to fall - I didn't), looking all professional in a big field. I should mention that hiking is severely underrated. Definitely when you go up and up and up a hill and every corner gives you a little hope that soon the road will get flat again, only it very rarely does. And with the sun beaming down on you it sometimes can feel like you're on an actual highway to hell. Maybe I should have worn my AC/DC t-shirt?

Here are some wildflowers along the road that brighten up the hike.

This beautiful dog is a friend that I made when we visited a tiny chocolate museum. I never managed to find out the little fella's name (maybe he wasn't even a fella), but (s?)he loved scaring doves and chasing goats. Around the museum was a honeybee walking path with amazing views all around.

All in all this was a great trip and I had great fun.
It is amazing how a weekend away can feel like a long holiday.

Some of my instagrams from the trip (taken at Durbuy and Han-Sur Lesse).

Speak to you soon,

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