zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Last night my mother and I visited the royal gardens. I had seen some photos of other people who had went and it looked so beautiful! It has been sunny now for about a month and every year I fall in love with new flowers & plants and I just want to walk around in gardens all day.

This one especially was a big garden. Royally big.

There was a path leading through different greenhouses filled with flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours. The gardens are only open to the public a few days a year and I remember going there when I was very little, but it had definitely been a few years. Walking along, so many memories came back to me that seemed long lost of eating vanilla ice cream and running around in the sun.

It took us almost two hours to walk our way through, of course sometimes stopping to take pictures and taking in the beautiful sight. My favourite bits were outside, where the plants were growing next and onto the buildings and the falling night was creating a beautiful light.

Although I must admit peeking through windows and the last bit of daylight complimenting the shape and colour of plants wandering off was a close second. I always find it so beautiful how they grow to the light of the sun to bloom freely. I'm always happiest in the sun, too.

All buildings surrounding the grounds had crowns on top of them. This one building pictured above was home to all kinds of tropical plants such as palm trees and cacti, but by the time we got there (which was by the end of the tour), the night had already fallen and the photos just didn't come out as well as I had hoped.

I had a lovely end of the day and am definitely planning on going back next year a little earlier on the day, so I can enjoy the sun, the flowers and the walk even more. This time I didn't get my vanilla ice cream, but we did stop for a hot chocolate and some postcards at the gift shop.

When visiting new (or old) places that sell postcards, I always get some to hang on my wall. That way it's easier to remember the beautiful days I've had on days when I don't feel like doing anything at all. It reminds me of how wonderful life can be and what treasures can be found just around the corner.


Speak to you soon,

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