maandag 1 september 2014

Disney Sandcastles

Since we own an apartment by the sea and we are seen as official residents of Ostend, we always get mail from certain events that are happening around town. The latest one that we got a city pass price for was the Disneyland Paris Sand Magic on the beach (which translated means fancy sandcastles).

Pictured above is Walt Disney with his favourite mouse, Mickey. On the right you can also spot an ever so graceful Pocahontas with hair blowing in the wind, John Smith and Meeko. 

These were two of my favourites, because of the amazing detail, nearly perfect resemblance and of course because one of them is the queen of hearts and is a character from my second favourite Disney movie. My favourite Disney movie is The Aristocats, but they were sadly not represented on the beach.

 After visiting the Disneyland Paris Sand Magic, I went for a (very windy) walk on the pier, which left me smelling like the sea for another few hours. Above and below are a few snaps I took (whilst trying not to be blown away, hooray!)

I do love the sea.

Speak to you soon,

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